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Hi, welcome to the Halos and Sins v0.997b testing family

----Overview---- Who will you be after dark? Halos and Sins is a free two player romance game. Halos and Sins allows couples to choose an Angelic, or Succubus play-style. It is the first romance game to introduce a Talent Tree, and a Leveling-Up system, giving the complete control to you. Halos and Sins brings a never before seen, level of customization to your romantic experience. Raise your Fire Level to take your play to new heights of passion! Do you want to play Naughty, or Nice, or somewhere in between? Select which Deck’s you want to use, to customize your play; even creating your own actions. Additionally, earn more experience, gain Jewels, to unlock hotter actions, bonuses, and Nightly Rewards! ----Game Links---- 1. Google Play Link or if does not work. 2. Web Link or if does not work. 3. Search manually on Google Play a. go here: b. search for "Halos and Sins" ----To Test---- Developer Note: this is the final version before Halos and Sins goes live. Please be thorough and comprehensive. Any bug found is a huge win. Thank you! Need to test the following features: 1. The Tutorial System 2. The Friend Zone feature 3. Trying to hack your Items.dat file 4. Gameplay end to end 5. Ads popup correctly 6. Down internet and refreshing Nightly Rewards General: 1. Report any bugs found while testing. 2. Suggest any improvements ----To Mess with Items.dat file for test 3---- To mess with your Items.dat file (contains all the encoded game items) Download FileManager on Google Play. Navigate to: Internal Storage(Root)-->Android-->data-->com.courageousgames.halosandsins-->files-->items.dat[file to mess with]

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